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Implementation of Supported Conversation at a large hospital stroke unit

Researchers: Lise Randrup Jensen in collaboration with Hysse Forchhammer and Helle Iversen. In addition:  Annelise Petersen, Inger Roed Sørensen and Lone Mathiesen.

Glostrup Hospital has a large stroke unit, which receives acute patients as well as provides rehabilitation in sub-acute stages. Approximately one third of the patients have aphasia on admission. Accordingly, communicating with patients with moderate to severe aphasia is a recurring challenge for doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists and speech-language therapists. The hospital aims for all patient to be informed about the reason for their hospitalization and their treatment plan, and it is considered important that all patients participate actively in goals and decisions relating to their rehabilitation. In the fall of 2011 a collaborative project was undertaken between the hospital and Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury in order to educate the hospital staff across professions in the use of Supported Conversation with patients with aphasia. The implementation process was designed to include 1) adaptation of the method of Supported Conversation to the specific needs of the hospital, 2) education of eight representatives from different professions as expert users of the method, and 3) one-day courses in Supported Conversation for 105 staff members. A questionnaire-based study is being carried out, which examines the self-reported ability of hospital staff to communicate with patients with aphasia before and after the implementation of the method of Supported Conversation at the stroke unit. 

Duration: 1.10.2011-31.1.2015