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Awareness in neologistic jargon aphasia: A case study

Researchers: Christina Fogtmann and Lise Randrup Jensen

The symptoms of aphasia (language disturbance following acquired brain injury) are very diverse and range from non-fluent, limited speech in some patients, to fluent, but deviant speech in others. An extreme case of the latter is so-called neologistic jargon aphasia, where patients fluently produce strings of syllables devoid of meaning (non-words). Patients with jargon aphasia are usually assumed to be quite unaware of the problem with their own speech. However, the issue of their awareness /unawareness seems to deserve further exploration. A patient with severe neologistic jargon aphasia has been studied using different methodological approaches in order to throw light on the issue of the patient’s (lack of) awareness of the incomprehensibility of her own speech. Data from video-recordings of natural interaction will be examined and compared to data from a questionnaire-based interview as well as the results of more traditional language testing.

Duration: Until January 2015.